X – Ray Technician







1st Month 

  • Introduction to healthcare systems & diagnostic services
  • Role of the X-ray technician
  • Basic sensitization of structure & function of human body
  • Introduction to medical terminology & related equipment’s in the field of X-ray 
  • General principles of hospital practice and patient care
  • Radiation Hazards and Protection
  • Safety & First Aid
  • Personnel Hygiene

2nd month 

  • Bio Medical Waste Management
  • Radiation Safety
  • Quality assurance in X-ray technology. 
  • Act within the limits of competence and authority 
  • Work effectively with others
  • Consent, Documentation & Records
  • Manage work to meet requirements
  • Basic Computer Knowledge

3rd month 

  • Radiation Physics & Physics of Diagnostic X-ray.
  • Radio Diagnosis Equipment’s: maintenance & machine know how 
  • X- ray techniques & positioning 
  • X- ray Films
  • X-ray Film / Image processing techniques (including dark room techniques)
  • Maintenance of the processing tank
  • Aftercare proceedings and dismantling of the equipment’s
  • Patient care & medical ethics

    Radio Imaging Technology

    It is a 2 years Radiology Technician Course and by passing this course the student gets registered diploma. By getting the diploma student can become a Radiology technologist who can perform radiological X rays of whole human body.

    The Radiology Technician can assist the radiologist to perform all the radiological procedures done by using contrast media.After having this diploma the technologist can also operates CT scan and MRI imaging modalities and done all the diagnosis with the help of them. After having the diploma can further continue the study by completing bachelor degree. A technologist is the key part or radiology department who perform all the activities of department either performing diagnostic procedures or handle the patient.

    X-Ray Technician can also perform imaging examination of female mammary glands known as Mammography.There is a X-Ray technician certificate course also, after having this the technician can perform all the X ray positioning of human body and mammography procedure. This certificate course can be done only after having 10th class passed certificate. To complete this course there is no requirement of 12th class passed certificate.


  • Eligibility 12
  • Lenght 2 Years
  • Effort 100%
  • Institution Delhi
  • Subject X – Ray Technician
  • Level High
  • Language English/Hindi
  • Video SubtitleEnglish/Hindi
  • Certificate Certificate/Diploma


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